What is a Groat?

A groat is an old obsolete British coin that was in circulation during medieval times. It was equivalent to 4 pennies.

At "Get Your Groats" a Groat is a prize currency. All Groats here are virtual and don't exist in real terms, but they do have real value in that they can be traded for advertising.

What is a Groat worth in US Dollars?

Groats are not exchangeable for US Dollars, neither can they be exchanged for any other currency. They can only be exchanged in the "Get Your Groats" members area for the advertising packages on offer.

Why should I collect Groats?

You can collect Groats from prize pages as you surf in my recommended traffic exchanges. You can trade your Groats for valuable additional advertising. It takes very little extra effort to claim Groats while you surf and will make your surfing time more profitable.

Where can I trade my Groats?

You trade Groats in the "Get Your Groats" members area. You can trade your Groats for advertising at any member site regardless of where you earned them.

Can I have more that one account at Get Your Groats?

Only one account is allowed per person.

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